Free Drawing Club

Drawing Club will be starting up again soon!  We will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month Oct.2019 - May 2020 from 4-5pm in the Chisholm library basement.  This is a free drawing club for anyone who likes to draw under age 18.  An adult will be there to provide general supervision, but anyone 8 or under needs to have an adult with them.  Basic drawing materials are provided, or you can bring your own.  Get to know the other artists in your town:)


Merryweather workers is a 4H club.  The leaders for this group are 321 Art Studio artists Nancy Lucas and Amy Lucas-Peroceski.  In 4H we will do many art activities, but also science, games, etc.  We will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Friday in the Chisholm library basement from 4-5pm  Starting Oct.11, 2019 .  This is for everyone from kindergarten-12th grade.  Call or email with questions.

New Free Cosplay Club

Please note: This Club is ran by a teen for fellow teens.  

Cosplayers wanted! I am looking for other teens to help me design, plan and make a Spider Man fan series on You Tube.  We will meet every Friday in the Chisholm Library basement from 5-5:45  Starting Sept.13, 2019 until ? .  Come check it out! 

For more information contact me on instagram #minecraftlilcody2.0


Scribble Art 

Step One: Scribble random lines and squiggles on a sheet of paper.

Step Two: Challenge yourself to turn the squiggles into something recognizable. 

Venom Artwork by Cody Lucas

Draw a Panda

After you are done drawing your panda, either color or scan into a computer painting program like I did and paint it that way.  Have fun!