Simple kids project.  1)Start with tacky glue (or any glue you have), qtips, small paper plates, empty microwavable dinner bowls, or any plastic bowl and cotton balls. 2)Put glue on plate. 3) Use qtip to spread glue in a small area of bowl and then stick on cotton balls (great small motor skill!)  4) After covering bowl do the same to a small paper plate on one side.  Then glue on construction paper eyes , nose and mouth.  Add paper plate to top of bowl with glue or tape. Now you have a snowman!  5) Do the same to the back of the bowl leaving some black of the bowl showing (or paint edge black if your bowl isn't black to start with.)  Color the outside edge of a paper plate black and add construction paper eyes and beak(don't add cotton balls or mouth)  Attach plate to back of snowman head.  Now you have a penguin as well and a 2 sided decoration!

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Free Drawing Club

Drawing Club will be starting up again soon!  We will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month Oct.2019 - May 2020 from 4-5pm in the Chisholm library basement.  This is a free drawing club for anyone who likes to draw under age 18.  An adult will be there to provide general supervision, but anyone 8 or under needs to have an adult with them.  Basic drawing materials are provided, or you can bring your own.  Get to know the other artists in your town:)


Merryweather workers is a 4H club.  The leaders for this group are 321 Art Studio artists Nancy Lucas and Amy Lucas-Peroceski.  In 4H we will do many art activities, but also science, games, etc.  We will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Friday in the Chisholm library basement from 4-5pm  Starting Oct.11, 2019 .  This is for everyone from kindergarten-12th grade.  Call or email with questions.

Scribble Art 

Step One: Scribble random lines and squiggles on a sheet of paper.

Step Two: Challenge yourself to turn the squiggles into something recognizable. 

Venom Artwork by Cody Lucas

Draw a Panda

After you are done drawing your panda, either color or scan into a computer painting program like I did and paint it that way.  Have fun!